Gold Glitter Cut-Crease Makeup Tutorial (Cruelty-Free Cosmetics)

I love glitter, I’m like a pig in mud, but sparkly.

Dig this tutorial, all the products I use, along with coupon codes and links are listed in the description box of the video.

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Winged Eyeliner with a Splash of Gold and Electric Lips. Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial.

Hello beautiful! I hope this little blog post finds each and every one of you peaceful and happy. In this tutorial I’m doing a fairly simple look that is amped up by the addition of electric pink lipstick and a splash of beautiful gold eyeshadow. All products used are listed in the description box of the video. Dig it, then read on for links and coupons to my favourite stores and products.

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All New Eye of Horus! Review & Makeup Tutorial. Come get a peek at their not-yet-released Sheba Mystical Goddess Palette in action!

Aloha sweet beauty fiends. I have more absolutely gorgeous Eye of Horus products to review for you! Like my last review (click here to watch my last Eye of Horus review if you haven’t seen it), I’ll also be doing a little tutorial with the products so you can see them in action. To get your Eye of Horus collection started use the code “Review” at checkout and receive 15% off! How great is that?  Dig the video then read on for more details and makeup tricks for getting the most out of these beautiful cosmetics.

Aside from being head over heels for Eye of Horus, I’m not affiliated with them in any way. In the interests of full disclosure I was gifted these products, all opinions are my own however.Ok, clearly I think Eye of Horus is the cat’s meow. If you own any of their range you’ll know why I go on and on about them. Let’s start with their ethical mantra:

Our products are not tested on animals and we deliver only the best. All our cosmetics are Paraben Free, and contain as much natural content as possible, balancing organics with the highest effectiveness we are renowned for. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and a high level of customer service.

I’d like to add here that their customer service is exceptional, with free shipping within Australia! Who doesn’t love free shipping? All of their products are paraben-free, cruelty-free and all kinds of wonderful.
Sheba Mystical Goddess Palette- I’m pretty sure this palette hasn’t been released yet! You’re getting a sneak peek at a truly versatile product. Each colour in this palette, like in their Isis Sun Goddess palette, can be we used wet or dry. Each shadow has true colour payoff and won’t crease, fade, flake or transfer. The shadows are finely milled, super silky to apply and blend effortlessly. Tips for getting the most use out of this product:

  • Use ‘Royal Abyss’ (the magnificent plum colour) wet. It really brings out this unbelievable metallic sheen. Use it as a coloured liner!
  • Layer ‘Enchantress’ over lipstick for a magnificent pout (I’ve been doing this just about every day and it never fails to bring in compliments).
  • ‘Artefact’ makes the perfect transitional shade when doing smoky-eyes. I also love using it in the crease when doing a fairly neutral eye to add soft definition.
  • This palette, like the Isis Sun Goddess Palette, is refillable. So if you run out of a colour you can simply pop another colour pan in!

Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil $30au- This pencil is a gorgeous dark brown with a matte/velvet finish. What I really noticed about this pencil was how creamy and rich it felt on application, I experienced absolutely no tugging or pulling which would make this ideal for sensitive eyes. This pencil is waterproof, smudge-proof and long wearing. I found it removes very easily too, no rubbing or scrubbing necessary. Tips for getting the most use out of this product:

  • Use the sponge tip on the opposite end to blend this pencil out into a gorgeous earthy brown eyeshadow.
  • Layer any of the Eye of Horus eye-shadows on top of this pencil for a dynamic finish (Royal Abyss looks particularly amazing over the top).
  • Use this pencil to define your eyebrows.
  • Smudge all over your eye for the perfect smoky-eye base.

Teal Malachite Pencil $30au- This pencil is something else! Creamy, rich and smooth to apply, it imparts the most amazing glowing teal colour. With a satin finish to die for, this pencil delivers the deliverables. If you’re not into coloured pencils, this one will change your mind. It looks so luxe and jewel like on the skin that it completely side-steps the dangerous pitfall that can be coloured eye pencils (we’ve all seen it, coloured eye pencil that looks chalky and dry). Tips for getting the most use out of this product:

  • Blend out for a beautiful eyeshadow, or use it as an eye-shadow base.
  • Use it in the inner corners of your eyes (like in the video) and let the compliments roll on in.
  • Do a brown smoky-eye but leave the bottom lid clean and just smudge the teal pencil underneath, brown and blue are best friends and look amazing worn together.
  • Instead of using black or white, line the water rim of your eye with teal malachite for a subtle difference.

Sultry Serpentine Goddess Pencil $30au- This is one dynamic pencil. The colour is a fusion of dark olive, green and gold with a gorgeous satin finish. Perfect for all skin tones, this pencil is the business for creating smouldering eye looks and applies creamily and effortlessly (in true Eye of Horus fashion). This has been on high rotation in my makeup kit, I love how blue it makes my eyes appear. Tips for getting the most use out of this product:

  • Blend out the pencil to create a gorgeous earthy eyeshadow.
  • Use it as a base underneath any of the Eye of Horus eye-shadows to create unique and beautiful new colours (this looks particularly gorgeous with Sacred Husk from their Isis Sun Goddess Palette layered over the top)

.All in all, Eye of Horus should be on your list of products to try if you aren’t already hooked! Do you use Eye of Horus? What different ways do you use their products? I’m a massive fan of using their eye-shadows wet. Let me know if you enjoyed this video and review and what you’d like to see in future posts.

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