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Illamasqua’s lipstick in ESP is something to rave about.


Pretty Peach Makeup Tutorial. Look Less Tired/Sick or Flat! (Cruelty Free)

In this makeup and beauty tutorial I’ll walk you through a very simple yet pretty peach makeup routine. I personally turn to this look when I’m feeling a bit tired or flat because the warm peach tones really lift and brighten my complexion. In fact, warm peach shades are perfect for everybody! It can be so easy to cut corners and do a really ‘blah’ makeup when you’re feeling ‘blah’ yourself, this always leads to a bigger, more intense feeling of ‘blahness’. I go all out when I feel el-crappo, false lashes, accessories, the lot! That little bit of effort pays off and I always feel so much better by the end of my makeup routine. Dig my video, if you like it please leave a ‘thumbs up’ and share it about with your gorgeous friends, help me build a beautiful cruelty-free makeup army. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already (it’s free!).

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Thankyou so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. What look do you turn to when you’re feeling less than your best?
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Simple Soft Smokey Eye (Eyeshadow Tutorial) Cruelty-Free Makeup & Cosmetics

Aloha all! In this video I’ll show you how to create the easiest smokey eye that is absolutely beautiful and only takes a second to do! It’s fool-proof, all you will need are two eyeshadows, a highlighter, mascara and an eyeliner pencil. This look is perfect for those of you who find the conventional dark brown/black smokey eye too harsh, or if you’re wanting to wear a smokey eye during the day but don’t want to look too made up. As always, I only use cruelty-free makeup from ethical companies.

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Wearable Red Eyeshadow. (Sultry sexy eyeshadow with winged eyeliner). Cruelty Free.

Hello my fellow gorgeous fiends! I’ve been a wee bit quiet on the blog front this week and I apologise, there’s been a lot of exciting things happening in my humble little life, all of which I’ll reveal when the time is right.

In this video I’ll be showing you how to wear red eyeshadow! Everybody can pull of this look, there is a shade of red that will suit you, I promise. I hope you enjoy my little tutorial, please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the exciting new series I’m releasing, the first video in this series will be up during the week! If you have Facebook come chat with me, *click here* to visit my page, I love hearing from you! Ok, dig the video.

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Thank you for watching, are you going to rock red eyeshadow?

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The Essential Makeup Brushes You Should Have in Your Kit

Oh so many makeup brushes to choose from but where to start?! This post is dedicated to helping you navigate your way through the makeup brush jungle. The brushes I list will make the perfect base for your makeup kit and enable you to recreate every look in the makeup universe. Of course, all the brushes are cruelty-free and from ethical companies. I’m personally averse to using any makeup brushes made from natural fibre, that is, animal hair. Time and again I’ve heard people explain that the animals aren’t killed, the hair is just ‘harvested’ or is a result of the natural moulting process. The problem is that the animals that are kept for these purposes are nearly always caged and kept in inhumane, cruel conditions. Plus, you can’t tell me that the goats or ponies actually WANT to be shaved? Seriously. There’s no need for animal hair. If you were to stand the makeup that I recreate with synthetic brushes next to the makeup created with animal hair brushes you would not be able to tell the difference. If you were given high quality animal hair brushes and high quality synthetic brushes to apply your makeup and you were asked to tell them apart, I bet you wouldn’t notice the difference either (except for some brushes made from goat hair actually smell like goat).  Dig the video and read on!

Buffing Brush- I recommend having one of these bad boys, there are so many different uses for them, *click here* to watch my tutorial on the different ways you can use a buffing brush.

Powder Brush- Self explanatory really, and a very basic brush but you need one! Have at least one large powder brush and one smaller one, the large is perfect for bronzing and applying face powder whilst smaller ones are great for blush and highlighter.

Angled Powder Brush (Contour Brush)- Perfect for, well, contouring! In the video I explain why it’s good to start with a regular angled powder brush and work your way up to Illamasqua’s Blush Up Brush. *Click here* to watch my video on Illamasqua’s amazing Blush Up Brush.

Kabuki Brush- I use a retractable kabuki brush by EcoTools. These little guys are fantastic in a million different ways, have one in your kit!

Fan Brush- Aside from looking really cool, fan brushes are great for many different reasons. I use them to contour client’s foreheads if they have a large forehead, for highlighting cheekbones, for lightly dusting face powder… I could go on and on, make sure you have one of these. *Click here* to watch my video on the fan brush.

Eyeshadow Brush- It would be ideal to have at least 2 eyeshadow brushes, one quite large (and even a bit fluffy) and one that’s smaller and flat with firmly packed bristles. You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes though, so feel free to collect like a crazy person.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush- The perfect blended out eyeshadow just isn’t possible without this brush. I own approximately one billion of these blending brushes. You could definitely get by with just one! EcoTools Airbrush Concealer brush makes for an amazing blending brush, and of course, Illamasqua do a top notch one as well.

Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush- From eyeliner to lipliner, from creating gorgeous cut-creases to defined eyebrows, this brush is the ultimate multitasker! It can be a challenge finding the perfect one, Illamasqua and EcoTools both do an amazing angled brush! *Click here* to watch my video on the angled brush, I’ll explain what I look for when buying one.

Tapered Eyeshadow Brush- In the video you’ll see that I show the ‘Smudge & Define’ brush by EcoTools. Perfect for all your smudging or defining needs, it also works beautifully as a lip brush, eyebrow brush and easily applies highlighter to hard to reach places (like your inner eyes). This is also essential to creating a cut-crease style eyeshadow. Have one of these brushes handy.

Lip Brush- A very small eyeshadow brush will do, I use an el-cheapo one by Natio and it does the trick! You don’t need lipliner if you neatly apply your lipstick and this brush will ensure you do that. The tapered eyeshadow brush I mention above is great as a lip brush.

Brow Comb/Lash Comb Duo Brush- This is a very basic brush, comb out clumps in mascara, comb your eyebrows, neaten your eyelashes, you get the picture. If you find one of these with a metal comb, never let go! Metal brow combs are the best!

Sponge Tip Applicators- There are a tonne of different uses for these, neaten up your eye makeup, use them to apply lipstick, use them for cream eyeshadow or to highlight and define underneath your eyebrows, I’m positive you’ll find an array of different ways to use them. Buy in bulk.

Cotton Tips- I carry these around in my purse just in case I get something in my eye, I’ll need to fish that something out but I’d be loathe to ruin my eye makeup! These are also great for tidying up any makeup boo boos and for making sure the wing on you winged eyeliner is even.

Pencil Sharpener- Hands down the best pencil sharpener I’ve ever come across is the one that Eye of Horus makes! I call it the Mary Poppins of pencil sharpeners. It perfectly sharpens all pencils regardless of size. I wouldn’t be without this sharpener now! Try it for yourself, use code “Review” at checkout when you buy anything from Eye of Horus and receive 15% off your total purchase price (yay!).

Images taken from Illamasqua's site, click to be taken through. From left to right, the brushes are: contour, blush up, blending, angled

Images taken from Illamasqua’s site, click to be taken through.
From left to right, the brushes are: contour, blush up, blending, angled

Images from EcoTools website, click to be taken through. Top Row from left to right brushes are: fan,buffing,brow/lash duo,powder. From top to bottom: Eyeshadow, airbrush concealer, smude & define.

Images from EcoTools website, click to be taken through. Top Row from left to right brushes are: fan,buffing,brow/lash duo,powder. From top to bottom: Eyeshadow, airbrush concealer, smude & define.

Thank you for watching and for joining me. I hope this post has helped in some small way and made navigating makeup brushes a bit easier for you.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video and come chat with me on Facebook! I’d love to hear from you.

Peace & Love

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Makeup Tutorial: Glowing Eyes, Flawless Skin & Statement Lips.

Hello beautiful! This makeup tutorial is all about creating a gorgeous flawless complexion and glowing eyes to pair with the perfect statement lip. I’ve gone for a dramatic warm-based purple by Illamasqua. The shade is ‘ESP’ and it is such an unbelievable colour! You can pair this makeup with any statement lip. The particular eye makeup I demonstrate is perfect for opening up the eye area and making the eyes appear larger and brighter, so if you’ve got small eyes or you just want to bring some extra light into your eye area, this is the tutorial for you!

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What’s your statement lip colour?

Lots of love, from me to you xox

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Beauty & Makeup Tutorial: One look featuring the classic red lip

Who doesn’t love red lipstick? It can be the difference between feeling good and feeling super-humanly good in a Wonder Woman kind of way.

Wonder Woman as she appeared in the 2009 anima...

In this video I’ll demonstrate one of my favourite ways to wear red lipstick. This look is perfect for daytime wear or you could amp it up with some false lashes for a night out. As always I’m only using the highest quality, cruelty-free makeup in existence. Stay tuned till the end where I do something a little bit different (I sort of, kind of forgot to film an ending so to make up for that major oversight I’ll give you a sneak peek of my tattoos).

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