Winged Eyeliner with a Splash of Gold and Electric Lips. Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial.

Hello beautiful! I hope this little blog post finds each and every one of you peaceful and happy. In this tutorial I’m doing a fairly simple look that is amped up by the addition of electric pink lipstick and a splash of beautiful gold eyeshadow. All products used are listed in the description box of the video. Dig it, then read on for links and coupons to my favourite stores and products.

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Sultry Smokey Olive Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial. Featuring Klara Cosmetics and Eye of Horus (Cruelty-Free)

In this tutorial I create a seriously simple and easy smokey eye using gorgeous olive brown shades. This look is SO easy to recreate, and completely fuss free. I hope you dig my tutorial.

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Click this image to be taken directly to Lupercalia Curios secure online store

Click this image to be taken directly to Lupercalia Curios secure online store

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Pretty Peach Makeup Tutorial. Look Less Tired/Sick or Flat! (Cruelty Free)

In this makeup and beauty tutorial I’ll walk you through a very simple yet pretty peach makeup routine. I personally turn to this look when I’m feeling a bit tired or flat because the warm peach tones really lift and brighten my complexion. In fact, warm peach shades are perfect for everybody! It can be so easy to cut corners and do a really ‘blah’ makeup when you’re feeling ‘blah’ yourself, this always leads to a bigger, more intense feeling of ‘blahness’. I go all out when I feel el-crappo, false lashes, accessories, the lot! That little bit of effort pays off and I always feel so much better by the end of my makeup routine. Dig my video, if you like it please leave a ‘thumbs up’ and share it about with your gorgeous friends, help me build a beautiful cruelty-free makeup army. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already (it’s free!).

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Thankyou so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. What look do you turn to when you’re feeling less than your best?
Peace & Love
Veruska xox

Indian Inspired Soft Neutral Makeup with Winged Eyeliner (Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial)

Hello gorgeous creatures! I walked past an amazingly beautiful Indian woman the other day, she was unbelievably stunning and I had to do a little ‘double-take’. Her makeup was soft yet dramatic and I felt inspired to recreate this look in a makeup tutorial. Dig my video, don’t forget to ‘like’ it if you, you know, liked it.

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Eye of Horus Maat Dark Temptress Palette Review + Tutorial (Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial)

The palette I’m reviewing today is the ‘Maat Dark Temptress’ palette by the ever amazing Eye of Horus. This palette is being released very soon so you’re getting a sneak peek at it in action! In this video I’ll do a tutorial demonstrating one way I like to wear this palette teaming it with the Isis Sun Goddess Palette to create a gorgeous bronze & brown eyeshadow style. Dig my video, then read on for a little written review and coupon code so you can try Eye of Horus for yourself!

Image belongs to Eye of Horus. Click to be taken directly to their website.

Image belongs to Eye of Horus. Click to be taken directly to their website.

The Maat Dark Temptress palette should be a staple in everybody’s makeup bag. Firstly, the packaging is to die for! I love how each item by Eye of Horus is beautifully presented. I find myself protecting my Eye of Horus makeup from the rest of my makeup, it’s special and makes me feel beautiful. I always feel like I’m using something special whenever I apply their makeup, their products are just so luxe! This palette contains all you need to contour your eyes (and face) and the highlighter can be used all over your face to bring light and a gorgeous glow to your skin. Each colour in this palette doesn’t fade, crease of fall out, they are all extremely long-wearing and sweat resistant.. Below I’ll chat a little bit about each individual colour in the palette.

Armana Light- This is the highlight colour and has a velvety satin finish. The perfect highlighter because it reflects back a creamy colour in natural light, this guarantees a glowing ‘lit from within’ finish.
Tips and tricks for getting the most use out of this shadow:
Use it as an all over highlighter.
Buff it into the high points of your face before applying your liquid foundation for a gorgeous natural glow.
Dab it into the middle of your lower lip after applying lipstick for a fuller looking pout.
Highlight and define under your eyebrows.

Ankh Odyssey- The perfect, PERFECT taupe colour. If you’ve had trouble finding the right eyeshadow colour to use for eye contour, look no further. This eyeshadow is true to colour, blends effortlessly and has a soft matte finish. This is my favourite shadow in the palette. It’s just a taupe lovers dream come true!
Tips and tricks for getting the most use out of this shadow:
Use it all over the lid as a gorgeous neutral shadow, it will really make your eyes pop.
Use to contour in the crease of your brow (I demonstrate this in the tutorial) to create soft natural definition.
Use as a transitional colour for a gorgeous smokey eye.
Use it to contour your entire face, cheekbones, temples, jawline and nose.
Gently line your entire eye with this colour for the perfect ‘no makeup’ eyeliner.

Dark Dynasty- This is a gorgeous deep brown and like all of Eye of Horus’ eyeshadows, blends effortlessly and stays true to colour all day (and night). This shadow has a soft matte finish and I find myself reaching for it all the time because of how beautiful and rich the colour is. It’s the perfect shade of dark brown that will look beautiful on every skin tone.
Tips and tricks for getting the most use out this shadow:
Use it all over the lid for a soft, smokey brown eyeshadow.
Gently smudge it along the lash line for a beautiful, soft smokey eyeliner.
Smudge it on top of any Eye of Horus pencil to create your own dynamic colour (I love smudging this over the Bronze Amulet pencil).
Layer it underneath any colour from the Isis Sun Goddess palette.

I hope you enjoyed my video and reading about this gorgeous palette! Use code “Review” at checkout when you purchase anything from to recieve 15% off your total purchase price! Remember, this palette isn’t released yet, but it will be in a few days, this gives you enough time to start composing a little wish list!

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Triple Winged Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial, Radiant Skin & Luscious Lips (Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial)

My loves, I apologise for how quiet I have been of late, I’m smack bang in the middle of moving interstate and things have been busy, very busy. In this makeup tutorial I’ll show you how to create a beautiful triple winged smokey eye, sounds like it might be a hard look to achieve but I promise it is super easy! I’ll also show you my favourite false eyelashes, they are so simple to apply and perfect for those of you who struggle with getting your false eyelashes to sit nicely. Dig my tutorial sweethearts.

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I’ve used Furless makeup brushes throughout this tutorial, they are gorgeous quality, apply makeup like a dream and are 100% cruelty free! Purchase their beautiful products here:  This is my affiliate link, you don’t have to use it but if you do I would like to say a massive thank-you from the bottom of my heart for helping to support me and my videos.

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P.S. Here’s a photo of todays makeup look

Gold Eyeshadow is the business!

Gold Eyeshadow is the business!

Aphrodite Inspired Cut-Crease & Double Wing Tutorial (Eye shadow inspiration)

Hello beautiful people! In this video I’ve taken inspiration from the Greek Goddess of love and created a gorgeous cut-crease & double-winged eye. A gorgeous girl suggested I do an Aphrodite inspired makeup so I took that on board and was playing with ideas, then I went to a Greek festival, ate haloumi till I started hallucinating and came up with the look in this video. The Greek festival was packed with gorgeous women wearing double-winged eyeliner, which inspired me to create something dramatic. Enjoy!

I’ve used Eye of Horus‘ amazing Liquid Define to create the double wing, remember to use coupon code “Review” at checkout to receive 15% off your total purchase, *click here* to be taken to their site.

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