Vegan Makeup Brush Review. My new favourite brushes.

I’m back! Apologies for disappearing off the face of the planet, I will explain where I’ve been in a different post. I hope all you lovely creatures are thriving. I am really REALLY happy, here is a photo of me in my beloved unicorn sweater…. Sometimes I just like to dress like a child, a very tall child…

Pretty smug in my unicorn knit.

Pretty smug in my unicorn knit.










In this post I’m reviewing/raving about the Black Beauty Makeup Brush set by Furless Cosmetics. Before we get started, a bit of information behind the brand. Furless Cosmetics are a cruelty-free and vegan Australian company, they manufacture the makeup brushes I swear by and also stock some of the best nail polish I’ve ever lacquered my claws with (review on their nailpolishes coming very soon). The lovely Coralie at Furless sent me this amazing brush set quite awhile ago and  I’ve been using it solidly for the past few months. This review is by no means a ‘first impression’, I’ve used these babies every day, all day, for ages. If you watch my videos on YouTube you would have noticed that I always use brushes from the Furless Professional Makeup Brush Set. They are the business and make me happy, they also make my face happy.

Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set *click image to get your own set of these bad boys*

Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set *click image to get your own set of these bad boys*

You get eight silky soft, super luxurious, full-sized brushes in the Black Beauty makeup brush set. The set consists of:
Large multi-purpose powder brush
Angled contour brush
Multi-purpose blending brush
Angled eye kabuki brush
Eyeshadow brush
Angled liner brush
Small domed crease blending brush
Precision eyeliner brush

I’m going to keep this review simple and to the point. I’m not going to explain how to use each brush individually because when it comes to brushes, there are no rules, use them however you like, play around, experiment, and find a method that suits you.

Firstly, I love the colour of these brushes. The tip is a glowing clean Aqua that blends down into a smooth glossy black, the handles are beautiful and the whole set feels like quality… Does that make sense? They look good and they make you feel good. I like my makeup applications to feel like the luxurious indulgent rituals that they are. I expect a lot from my tools, they have to perform, apply product perfectly and they have to feel beautiful in my hands. These brushes do that and then some.
The bristles of these brushes are silky soft, packed firmly together and I have not had one single instance of shedding, even after numerous deep cleanings I haven’t had any stray bristles. Nor has the aqua colour faded, it is still as bright and glowing as ever. The brushes have maintained their shape perfectly, after 5 months of continuous use they seriously look like new, even the fine eyeliner brush (which as we all know, is usually the first brush to freak out and die a frazzled death) still looks new. My personal set is covered in makeup at the moment but I will post a photo of them when I wash them. I love how these brushes feel on my skin, all of Furless brushes are silky soft, and they stay soft. I just wash mine with dishwashing detergent and air dry, no conditioner, nothing, my brushes are as soft as ever, softer than a baby’s butt, softer than the softest butt… I’m getting gross…

The Black Beauty makeup brush set comes housed in a classy, sweet little case, I love it. The case is made from soft polyurethane and has the Furless logo embossed on the front. It zips all the way around and  is the perfect size for travel. Dimensions for the case are:(closed) 24cm tall, 10cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 3.93 inch wide. (Open) 24cm tall, 22.5cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 8.85 inch wide.
The set retails for AU$79.99, which is crazy good value. I’ve bought individual brushes in the past for nearly the price of this entire set.

I don’t have anything bad to say about these brushes. Naturally when you use them to apply product the aqua tip gets discoloured but they look like new again as soon as you wash them, you can’t complain about your tools looking like you’ve used them when you have, in fact, used them. It’s like complaining that you have paint on your paintbrush.

Also, maybe you’re wondering how they compare to Ecotools and Real Techniques makeup brushes? I have both of these brands in my collection and they’re good, but what makes Furless better (in my eyes) is the range of brushes, the different styles and colours on offer and the price. Furless smashes Real Techniques and Eco Tools out of the ballpark when it comes to price. Quality wise, I feel that Furless bristles are packed firmer and the ferrule is sturdier. Furless also have brilliant customer service… In case you were wondering.

All in all, I think if you invest in these vegan makeup brushes you will not be disappointed, your face will be happy and I will be happy that you’re happy. The quality for price is seriously mind blowing.
If you want to have a snoop around the Furless website and try some of their products for yourself *click here*

Do you already own Furless makeup brushes? Do you love them as much as I do? Let me know! I love hearing from you.

Peace & Love my little lovers

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Winged Eyeliner with a Splash of Gold and Electric Lips. Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial.

Hello beautiful! I hope this little blog post finds each and every one of you peaceful and happy. In this tutorial I’m doing a fairly simple look that is amped up by the addition of electric pink lipstick and a splash of beautiful gold eyeshadow. All products used are listed in the description box of the video. Dig it, then read on for links and coupons to my favourite stores and products.

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Sultry Smokey Olive Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial. Featuring Klara Cosmetics and Eye of Horus (Cruelty-Free)

In this tutorial I create a seriously simple and easy smokey eye using gorgeous olive brown shades. This look is SO easy to recreate, and completely fuss free. I hope you dig my tutorial.

*Click Here* to be taken to Klara Cosmetics where you can peruse their entire makeup range.
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Click this image to be taken directly to Lupercalia Curios secure online store

Click this image to be taken directly to Lupercalia Curios secure online store

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Pretty Peach Makeup Tutorial. Look Less Tired/Sick or Flat! (Cruelty Free)

In this makeup and beauty tutorial I’ll walk you through a very simple yet pretty peach makeup routine. I personally turn to this look when I’m feeling a bit tired or flat because the warm peach tones really lift and brighten my complexion. In fact, warm peach shades are perfect for everybody! It can be so easy to cut corners and do a really ‘blah’ makeup when you’re feeling ‘blah’ yourself, this always leads to a bigger, more intense feeling of ‘blahness’. I go all out when I feel el-crappo, false lashes, accessories, the lot! That little bit of effort pays off and I always feel so much better by the end of my makeup routine. Dig my video, if you like it please leave a ‘thumbs up’ and share it about with your gorgeous friends, help me build a beautiful cruelty-free makeup army. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already (it’s free!).

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Cruelty-Free Favourites! Haircare, skincare, makeup and more

Hello my pretties! This video is dedicated to some of my favourite cruelty-free products. All the items I mention are listed in the description box below the video. Because this video is quite long (though I promise you I’ve jam packed it with goodies) I’ve added some links in the description box so you can navigate to parts of the video if you don’t want to watch the entire thing, so if you just wanted to see me talk about Klara Cosmetics you can skip straight to it!

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Indian Inspired Soft Neutral Makeup with Winged Eyeliner (Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial)

Hello gorgeous creatures! I walked past an amazingly beautiful Indian woman the other day, she was unbelievably stunning and I had to do a little ‘double-take’. Her makeup was soft yet dramatic and I felt inspired to recreate this look in a makeup tutorial. Dig my video, don’t forget to ‘like’ it if you, you know, liked it.

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Klara Cosmetics Review. The Next Big Thing in Beauty. (Cruelty-Free)

Today I’m reviewing quite a few pieces from Klara Cosmetics. I discovered these guys at Sydney Hair Expo 2013 and was blown away at the colour payoff and creamy consistency of their products. In this post I’ll be reviewing their shimmer eyeshadows, diamond eyeshadows, matte eyeshadows, zero pores primer, cc cream, shy blush, gel eyeliner and kissproof lipsticks. Before we begin, dig my video where I create a metallic plum eyeshadow look and flawless face using Klara Cosmetics, I am SO in love with the cc cream and blush… Ok, I’m in love with the entire range!

Let’s start with a bit about the brand, the next paragraph is taken directly from the Klara Cosmetics website.

Australian owned and designed, Klara Cosmetics is the first concentrated range of superior quality cosmetics made with 100% colour pigmentation.
Named after its visionary founder – Klara Sabotkoski –the innovative makeup line provides every woman with the result that professionals have been striving towards for years. “Professional Makeup for Life”: this is how Klara sums up its vision. The inaugural range that launched in Australia in 2013 sold out within the first week, with makeup gurus and beauty connoisseurs addicted to the on trend palettes and high performance products.
Using the best possible ingredients from the most reputable suppliers worldwide, Klara’s hyper pigmented formulas allow a three dimensional look that make eyes sparkle and lips pop. They give the illusion that the wearer’s skin is glowing from within. The extensive and edgy colour assortment inspires creativity and self-expression. The long-lasting performance and blendable texture make it practical and divine to wear.

Klara Cosmetics point of difference is that their products are 100% pure pigment, the next paragraph is also directly from their website.

Klara brings colours to their maximum saturation, delivering a phenomenal range of pure shades that are truly unique in the market. Pigments are used in their highest possible concentration, creating a stunning coverage and an unrivaled, high voltage result. When you try Klara’s products for the first time, you will instantly see why it is so differentWhile most makeup brands require you to apply the product several times to achieve the desired coverage, Klara’s concentrated colours give you an intense and long-lasting result right away, even with the smallest quantity.

I’m going to start with the CC Cream.8 in 1 Mineral Foundation.
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application: This bad boy is a dream to apply. I smoothed this on and immediately noticed how lightweight and breathable it felt upon my skin. I found it was easy to build this cream from a sheer coverage into a medium coverage.
Colour Match: I have this in ’02-Light’ and it’s a perfect match for my skin. I noticed this foundation is very skin-tone adaptable, so if you were a little lighter than me or a little darker than me you could definitely still wear this colour and it would look perfect.
After 5 Hours: This foundation was still looking perfect! It has a semi-matte/glowing finish. I have very oily skin and this foundation still looked freshly applied after 5 hours.
After 9 Hours: Still perfect! I found that I didn’t have to blot my face once during the day, which is new to me, I usually blot at least three times a day. My foundation hadn’t separated, creased or caked. It hadn’t oxidized and turned a funny colour. The area around my nose still looked perfect (I always find around my nostrils is the first place foundation will start to go funny) and my skin looked glowing.
Worth it?: In a word, absolutely. It stayed perfect for 10+ hours of wear, my skin looked glowing and fresh right up until I removed my makeup (no granny mask, no dried out complexion, no oil-slick of a face, no creasing or fading). This foundation delivers the deliverables and looks natural and beautiful! Here’s a photo of me wearing it (I’ve had it on for 4 hours when this photo was taken).

Klara Cosmetics CC Cream 8 in 1 Foundation in '02-Light' and their 'Shy Blush'

Klara Cosmetics: Zero Pores Primer, CC Cream 8 in 1 Foundation in ’02-Light’,’Shy Blush’,’H20 Proof Gel Eyeliner’,’Diamond Eyeshadow’,’Shimmer Eyeshadow’

Zero Pores Primer
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application: I used a pea sized amount and it covered my entire face and neck. Smooth and silky to apply, no tacky or sticky feeling.
After 5 Hours: My makeup is still looking fresh, I’m using a different foundation (not the Klara CC Cream) to test this primer out because I know exactly how difficult my chosen foundation can be. So far so good.
After 9 Hours: Alright, this primer is king! My chosen foundation usually cakes, separates and fades after about 6 hours, turning me into a greaseball. I haven’t been able to find a primer that stops this from happening, until Klara’s Zero Pores Primer came into my life.
Worth it?: Yes. A little bit goes a long way and it made even the rudest and most unruly of foundations behave. My skin looked beautiful right up until I removed my makeup and I haven’t felt or noticed any sensitivities to this product (sometimes primers leave me red or splotchy).

Shy Blush.
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application and Pigmentation: This two-tone blush is just gorgeous! You can use either colour individually or mix both together. I like to mix both. It’s EXTREMELY pigmented, so just lightly tap your brush onto the blush then softly dapple it over your cheeks for a beautiful glow. Perfect and complimentary for all skin tones. This blush imparts a soft matte/glowing finish.
After 9 Hours: This blush stays true to colour and doesn’t fade. It looked gorgeous right up until I removed my makeup.
Worth it?: Yes. This is my new go-to blush. If there was a product that should become a cult makeup classic, this is it.

H20 Proof Gel Eyeliner.
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application and Pigmentation: Smooth and easy to apply, this gel liner is extremely black! You have about 20 seconds from application to smudge it out before it sets. I am very pleased with how creamy and pigmented this liner is. Until this lovely pot of black came along, I hadn’t been impressed with a gel eyeliner.
After 9 Hours: I created a winged eyeliner with this gel, and 9 hours later it still looks perfect. It hadn’t ran or smeared on the inside or outside of my eyes, even though I had laughed till I cried numerous times. Still super black, no fading, no flaking and it looked soft and smooth with no dried out areas.
Worth it?: Yes. I am over the moon that a gel eyeliner exists that is actually worth the hype. Be sure to use eye makeup remover when taking this one off, because it’s got some brilliant staying power.

Diamond Eyeshadow. Scroll down to see swatches
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application and Pigmentation:
 Gorgeously pigmented, this eyeshadow imparts a sparkly sheer wash of colour over the eyelid, I found for such sparkly looking eyeshadows they are extremely wearable and give your eyes beautiful dimension and depth.
After 9 Hours: My eyeshadow looks as if I had just applied it, perfect! No creasing, no fading, no fall-out. Just perfect sparkly peepers.
Worth it?: If you’ve been looking for a gorgeous soft sparkly eyeshadow then look no further, head on over to Klara’s online makeup store and browse their gorgeous Diamond Eyeshadow collection. The eyeshadows are very generously sized and you only need a small amount due to how beautiful their colour pay-off is, so these shadows will last you for ages.

Shimmer Eyeshadow. Scroll down for swatches.
Read the product description by *clicking here*
Application and Pigmentation: Extremely pigmented eyeshadows that are true to colour. They apply silkily and blend effortlessly. I loved the beautiful satin finish of these shadows.
After 9 Hours: My eyeshadow was still looking freshly applied, absolutely no fading, creasing or fall out.
Worth it?: Yes. There is such a massive variety of colours to choose from so there is something for everybody. Each eyeshadow is beautiful and silky. I want them all!

Matte Eyeshadow.
To read the product description *click here*
Application and Pigmentation:
100% true to colour payoff, amazingly blendable, some matte eyeshadows can be on the difficult side to blend, but not Klara’s. These matte eyeshadows are gorgeously silky to apply, not chalky at all. They impart a very flattering and glamorous matte finish.
After 9 Hours: Like all of their products so far, this eyeshadow performs perfectly. No creasing, no fading, no fall out.
Worth it?: Yes, yes and yes. Not all matte eyeshadows are created equal. Some can impart such an unflattering powdery finish and highlight fine lines around the eye area, not these ones! Once again, there is a huge variety of colour so there will be something for everybody. The black is my favourite, it’s blacker than black and blends out to create the ultimate smokey eye!


I only swiped my finger once from the eyeshadow onto my skin so the colours you see represent the colour payoff of one swipe.

Images belong to Klara Cosmetics. Click image to be taken to their online store.

Images belong to Klara Cosmetics. Click image to be taken to their online store.

Kiss Proof Lipstick. Scroll down for swatches

To read the product description *click here* 

Whoa, where do I start with these! Talk about amazing long wear lipstick that actually does what it promises without making your lips look all shrivelled and dry.
Application and Pigmentation: Absolute, 100% true colour payoff. These lipsticks are pigmented to within an inch of their life. Make sure you have exfoliated and moisturised your lips before application to guarantee yourself a whole day of perfect wear. I like to line my lips with the lipstick using a lip lining brush and then fill the entire lip in. These are also amazing for creating ombre lips because you don’t have to touch them up AT ALL. Hence, easy ombre goodness!
After 9 Hours: Yes, 9 hours, I’ve worn these lipsticks for 9 hours without touching up. I’ve been eating, drinking (without a straw), talking, laughing, kissing and through it all my kiss proof lipstick has stood it’s ground. My lips look smooth, they feel comfortable (no dry, taught feeling that some long-wear lipsticks are notorious for) and most importantly, NO ugly little water line on the inner part of your lip.
Worth it?: I would marry this lipstick. Does that answer the question?

Wearing Kiss Proof Lipstick in '04' Hot Neon Pink

Wearing Kiss Proof Lipstick in ’04’ Hot Neon Pink


Go to their site to see more shades!

Here’s are two videos where you can see me using Klara Cosmetics.

I hope you enjoyed my review, photos and videos. Let me know if you try any Klara Cosmetics, obviously I highly recommend them! Find their online makeup store here:
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