Beauty isn’t skin-deep

‘Beauty’ and ‘beautiful’ are terms often thrown around to describe the outermost layer of a human. Apparently some humans are more beautiful than others, some humans are ugly and some humans are plain. What we seem to miss is the option to look past a person’s aesthetic and understand exactly why we feel this way. Today I’m going to discuss what needs to be brought into sharp focus; beauty isn’t skin deep, but appearance is.

Beauty radiates from inside a person, it isn’t something you achieve by having the perfect nose or longest eyelashes, it isn’t something you attain by applying your makeup perfectly or wearing the seasons ‘must-have’ clothes. How you think, the feelings you foster about other people and how you interact with your environment are what ultimately makes a person beautiful. All the flawless faces in the world (with perfectly symmetrical features) come to ground when there isn’t a spark of individual thought inside their heads.

Let us sit back and have a little think – what are you attracted to? Think of the people you find beautiful, why are they beautiful to you? If you think they’re beautiful because of their luscious hair then maybe you need to be more discerning. Three people come to my mind this morning as I reflect on who I find beautiful. They are my mum, my sister and Alys Hale (a model from Chic management). My mum is beautiful because she is the most unassuming person I’ve ever known, she wears her heart on her sleeve and treats everybody the same, no matter what their background. My sister is beautiful because she truly loves making people happy for no other reason than happiness itself, she loves it. Her thoughtfulness is something to be admired as well, always doing what is right by people and never trampling anyone to get what she wants. Alys Hale exudes an intense confidence that I find irresistible, the way she looks doesn’t come into it, she knows who she is, her thoughts are her own and this is apparent when you read interviews she has done. These qualities in a person obviously appeal to me, so I try to cultivate them in myself; not to copy but truly cultivate and grow them. Cultivating qualities that inspire me ultimately makes me feel beautiful. Makeup is a great way to express yourself but it’s not the actual path to real, radiant beauty. Who you truly are – at your very core – will determine that. What qualities do you find beautiful in a person?
Peace & Love


Welcome to my world!


If you’re reading this, let me welcome you to my blog and my first post! I plan on creating a little world where I can share my passion for cruelty-free makeup, style and health as well as sugar and grain-free recipes. I’ve taken a different path in my approach to health and beauty, I steer clear of conventional wisdom and believe in cultivating what is unique and individual both in myself and in the people who surround me. I look forward to creating a beautiful little online world both with and for you.

Peace & Love


P.S. That handsome chap is my dog Grunty, he is a big part of my world so naturally I thought I’d introduce him right away.