Makeup Review & Beauty Tutorial: Create a sexy two-toned eye with Klara Cosmetics

Hello! Apologies for how quiet I’ve been over the past week, here’s a super adorable photo of my dog to make up for it.


In this makeup and beauty tutorial I’ll be featuring some eyeshadows from a gorgeous brand called Klara Cosmetics. Click here to watch a video I did on ombre lips that features their Kiss Proof Lipstick. I’ve fallen a bit in love Klara Cosmetics, not only are their products made from 100% pure pigment but they are cruelty-free and Australian! Dig the video.

Have you tried Klara Cosmetics? I also use some gorgeous Eye of Horus products in this tutorial, you’ll see me using the Isis Sun Goddess Palette, Liquid Define liquid liner and Goddess mascara (for a review on these products, click here). Let me know if you try this look or if you’ve got or are going to get any of these products, I love hearing from you!

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My Pei Friday





Have a peaceful weekend. I’ll see you all on Monday and we’ll kick the week off with a new  makeup tutorial! Have a look at my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, just click *here*. I foresee recipes, exercise ideas, inspiring beauty tips and product reviews in your future!

Peace & Love