Vegan Makeup Brush Review. My new favourite brushes.

I’m back! Apologies for disappearing off the face of the planet, I will explain where I’ve been in a different post. I hope all you lovely creatures are thriving. I am really REALLY happy, here is a photo of me in my beloved unicorn sweater…. Sometimes I just like to dress like a child, a very tall child…

Pretty smug in my unicorn knit.

Pretty smug in my unicorn knit.










In this post I’m reviewing/raving about the Black Beauty Makeup Brush set by Furless Cosmetics. Before we get started, a bit of information behind the brand. Furless Cosmetics are a cruelty-free and vegan Australian company, they manufacture the makeup brushes I swear by and also stock some of the best nail polish I’ve ever lacquered my claws with (review on their nailpolishes coming very soon). The lovely Coralie at Furless sent me this amazing brush set quite awhile ago and  I’ve been using it solidly for the past few months. This review is by no means a ‘first impression’, I’ve used these babies every day, all day, for ages. If you watch my videos on YouTube you would have noticed that I always use brushes from the Furless Professional Makeup Brush Set. They are the business and make me happy, they also make my face happy.

Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set *click image to get your own set of these bad boys*

Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set *click image to get your own set of these bad boys*

You get eight silky soft, super luxurious, full-sized brushes in the Black Beauty makeup brush set. The set consists of:
Large multi-purpose powder brush
Angled contour brush
Multi-purpose blending brush
Angled eye kabuki brush
Eyeshadow brush
Angled liner brush
Small domed crease blending brush
Precision eyeliner brush

I’m going to keep this review simple and to the point. I’m not going to explain how to use each brush individually because when it comes to brushes, there are no rules, use them however you like, play around, experiment, and find a method that suits you.

Firstly, I love the colour of these brushes. The tip is a glowing clean Aqua that blends down into a smooth glossy black, the handles are beautiful and the whole set feels like quality… Does that make sense? They look good and they make you feel good. I like my makeup applications to feel like the luxurious indulgent rituals that they are. I expect a lot from my tools, they have to perform, apply product perfectly and they have to feel beautiful in my hands. These brushes do that and then some.
The bristles of these brushes are silky soft, packed firmly together and I have not had one single instance of shedding, even after numerous deep cleanings I haven’t had any stray bristles. Nor has the aqua colour faded, it is still as bright and glowing as ever. The brushes have maintained their shape perfectly, after 5 months of continuous use they seriously look like new, even the fine eyeliner brush (which as we all know, is usually the first brush to freak out and die a frazzled death) still looks new. My personal set is covered in makeup at the moment but I will post a photo of them when I wash them. I love how these brushes feel on my skin, all of Furless brushes are silky soft, and they stay soft. I just wash mine with dishwashing detergent and air dry, no conditioner, nothing, my brushes are as soft as ever, softer than a baby’s butt, softer than the softest butt… I’m getting gross…

The Black Beauty makeup brush set comes housed in a classy, sweet little case, I love it. The case is made from soft polyurethane and has the Furless logo embossed on the front. It zips all the way around and  is the perfect size for travel. Dimensions for the case are:(closed) 24cm tall, 10cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 3.93 inch wide. (Open) 24cm tall, 22.5cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 8.85 inch wide.
The set retails for AU$79.99, which is crazy good value. I’ve bought individual brushes in the past for nearly the price of this entire set.

I don’t have anything bad to say about these brushes. Naturally when you use them to apply product the aqua tip gets discoloured but they look like new again as soon as you wash them, you can’t complain about your tools looking like you’ve used them when you have, in fact, used them. It’s like complaining that you have paint on your paintbrush.

Also, maybe you’re wondering how they compare to Ecotools and Real Techniques makeup brushes? I have both of these brands in my collection and they’re good, but what makes Furless better (in my eyes) is the range of brushes, the different styles and colours on offer and the price. Furless smashes Real Techniques and Eco Tools out of the ballpark when it comes to price. Quality wise, I feel that Furless bristles are packed firmer and the ferrule is sturdier. Furless also have brilliant customer service… In case you were wondering.

All in all, I think if you invest in these vegan makeup brushes you will not be disappointed, your face will be happy and I will be happy that you’re happy. The quality for price is seriously mind blowing.
If you want to have a snoop around the Furless website and try some of their products for yourself *click here*

Do you already own Furless makeup brushes? Do you love them as much as I do? Let me know! I love hearing from you.

Peace & Love my little lovers

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7 thoughts on “Vegan Makeup Brush Review. My new favourite brushes.

  1. Pleased you’re back! I love Furless brushes, I first bought a set after reading one of your reviews ages ago. They really are just gorgeous, both to look at and to use! The only thing I’m puzzled about is cleaning them… I’ve tried both mild shampoo and detergent, but my foundation brush just doesn’t want to come clean. Any suggestions?

    • How strange! I use dishwashing detergent, give my brushes a good lather and they always come up good as new. Maybe try filling a cup with a bit of detergent and a drop of water, let the foundation brush soak in that overnight (make sure that the solution only reaches half way, 3/4 at most, up the bristles, you don’t want to soak the ferrule or anywhere near it). Because the bristles are synthetic they can handle a soaking without any damage. Wash the brush again and hopefully it will be good as new. Let me know how you go!

      • Success! The brush I was having most trouble with was a small one that I use to blend the foundation around my eyes, so I couldn’t soak it. I tried making up a strong solution of detergent as you suggested, and within 5 minutes it came beautifully clean! Thanks so much!

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